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Widgets are intended for control of different media players via their drivers.


Current version
Necessary conditions Driver of a media player
Developer instalator
Keywords control, widget, media
Github icon_link Link
Platform Javascript/Node.js
License MIT

After installing the widget on the page of editing vis project will appear a group of players widgets.


Winamp player widget

Let’s consider setting by the example of MPD player.

After installing the widget on the project page, widget settings are as follows:

If you plan to use the widget for control of the non-standard player, which doesn’t meet the specification admitted to IoBroker for media players, then all values of lines need to be filled separately.

If the driver meets the specification that enough to choose one first value, and all the others to substitute automatically, provided that the player driver supports them.

kodi foobar2000 mpd


The values in these fields are substituted based on the roles of objects in the driver. In the table you can see the list of roles and their associated objects.

Winamp playlist widget

To configure all like the previous case – select the first object, the other is automatically substituted.


kodi foobar2000 mpd

Winamp browser widget

Select the first object, the other is automatically substituted.

kodi foobar2000 mpd

Sonos widget

In this widget everything is similar, select the first object, the other is automatically substituted.


On the added values it is possible to see that URL of a cover Following – isn’t supported in the MPD driver (at the time of writing article, perhaps support in the future will appear).


Table of roles compliance

In the table are displayed the types of roles of the objects used for media players drivers and the corresponding object names in different drivers.

Role common.type Comment Sonos Foobar Kodi MPD
button.stop boolean only write stop stop stop stop
button.play boolean only write play play play play
button.next boolean only write next next next next
button.prev boolean only write prev prev previous previous
button.pause boolean only write pause pause pause pause
button.forward boolean only write
button.reverse boolean only write
button.fastforward boolean only write
button.fastreverse boolean only write
level.volume number [0-100] volume volume volume volume
media.seek number % seek seek seek seek
media.mode.shuffle boolean read/write shuffle shuffle random
media.mode.repeat boolean read/write repeat repeat repeat
media.state string / boolean [play,stop,pause] or [true/false] state state state state
media.artist string current_artist artist info.artist artist
media.album string current_album album info.album album
media.title current_title title info.title title
media.title.next string (optional)
media.cover string  (URL) current_cover albumArt info.thumbnail
media.duration.text string (optional) e.g “2:35” current_duration current_duration playing_time_total current_duration
media.duration number seconds current_duration_s trackLength current_duration_s
media.elapsed.text string (optional) e.g “1:30” current_elapsed current_elapsed playing_time current_elapsed
media.elapsed number seconds current_elapsed_s elapsedTime elapsed
media.mute boolean read/write muted mute mute mute
media.tts string (optional) Text 2 speech tts say
media.bitrate number kbps bitrate bitrate bitrate
media.genre string genre song info.genre genre
media.date string year song date
media.track number current play track id [0 – ~] itemplaying position pos
media.playid number play track id playid playid playid
media.add string (path) add current playlist add add add
media.clear boolean clear current playlist clear clear clear
media.playlist string [ {
“artist”: “”,
“album”: “”,
“title”: “”,
“file”: “”,
“genre”: “”,
“year”: 0,
“len”: “00:00”,
“rating”: “”,
“cover”: “”
playlist playlist playlist_list
media.browser string “files”: [
“fanart”: “”,
“file”: “path”,
“filetype”: “directory or file”,
“label”: “”,
“lastmodified”: “”,
“mimetype”: “”,
“size”: 0,
“thumbnail”: “”,
“title”: “”,
“type”: “”,
“lastmodified”: “2016-02-27 16:05:46”,
“time”: “time in sec”,
“track”: “number”,
“date”: “year”,
“artist”: “artist”,
“album”: “album”,
“genre”: “genre”
browser Directory lsinfo