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The Email driver is used for sending e-mails from IoBroker to e-mail specified in the settings.


Current version
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Necessary conditions Account in mail services
Developer Bluefox
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Platform Javascript/Node.js
License MIT


After installing the driver, you must make the settings, specify the data to connect to the mail server.

Protocol: the protocol used for sending mail – SMTP

Service: the used mail service

User: the username for connection to the service (in most cases it is the full email address with the @ sign)

Password: user password

From: specify the E-mail of the sender (usually matches the User field)*

To: specify the E-mail recipient*

Subject: the general for all, a letter subject*

* It is possible to set any value in a script.

Important! To use the driver on the mail services, using two-stage authentication on the server, you need to allow the use of third-party e-mail programs, and set the password in the settings of your e-mail service to connect third-party program to your mail server. It can reduce safety of your mail account.

Supported services

At the moment, the driver supports the following postal services:

  • 1und1
  • AOL
  • DynectEmail
  • FastMail
  • GandiMail
  • Gmail
  • Godaddy
  • GodaddyAsia
  • GodaddyEurope
  • Hotmail
  • iCloud
  • Mailgun
  • Mailjet
  • Mandrill
  • Naver
  • Office365
  • OpenMailBox
  • Postmark
  • QQ
  • QQex
  • SendCloud
  • SendGrid
  • SES
  • Sparkpost
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • Zoho
  • User defined // Allows to specify a mail service not from the list, with arbitrary data connection.

Example of use

To send mail from your scripts using the following syntax in Javascript adapter:

If you write the own driver, then for sending the letter from other driver is used adapter.sendTo function.

Example of setting

Gmail setting

Let’s try to configure the driver as an example the Gmail service.

First of all, it is necessary to include in settings of mail access according to the IMAP protocol:


Attention! Perhaps it will be required to reduce the safety of access to your Google account.

If you use two-stage authentication on Google then you need to change settings of access to the account for unreliable applications. You can read information about it on the reference page of Google.

It is also required to add the password for the third-party application, you can read about it on this page.

After introduction of all settings, click the Test button:


If all settings are correct then there should appear a message about successful sending letter.


Setting to arbitrary service

Consider the point of service settings – User defined. As an example, we will try to connect our driver to the service.

Select Tools in the settings – User defined:


Go to the website of a mail service and find, in help or settings, parameters for connection of third-party email clients. We are looking for data to connect to the mail service:

Incoming IMAP:

  • Server name –
  • Port – 993;
  • SSL – SSL/TLS;
  • Authentication – usual password.

Outgoing SMTP:

  • Server name –
  • Port – 465;
  • SSL – SSL/TLS;
  • Authentication – usual password


From this list we are interested only in connection to the outgoing mail server (SMTP). Due to the fact that I have enabled two-factor authentication on the service, so I need to get the password for the e-mail program by adding a new application to the mailbox settings:


Enter any name of our application and click Create:


Enter the current password of access and receive the password, which needs to be copied in settings of our email driver in the field the Password.


Specify all obtained data in settings of our driver, click the Test button and see a message about successful sending the letter. On it our settings are finished.