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Adapter – Pushsafer

Pushsafer make it easy and safe to get push-notifications in real time on your Android or Windows mobile device, iPhone, iPad and Desktop!

Offers solutions for many case studies, for example: home automation alerts, ip camera motion detection, server monitoring, sheduled reminder and everything else you want to be reminded.

Send notifications to single devices or to device groups.

You can set up your push notification by changing title, message, icon, sound & vibration!

We also provide a eMail and URL generator to make the setup fast and easy!

Visit for more information!

Test Pushsafer for free!


actual Version Admin Version
Prerequisites  -/-
Developer  Bluefox
Keywords  Messaging
Github icon_link Link
License MIT


First of all it is required an account on pushsafer with a private key.

Pushsafer configuration



To send notification from ScriptEngine just write:

You can find API description here