Driver Admin


The admin adapter is used to configure the whole ioBroker-Installation and all its adapters.
It provides a web-interface, which can be opened by “http://<IP-Address of the server>:8081” in the web browser.
This adapter is automatically installed together with ioBroker.


The configuration dialog of the adapter “admin” provides the following settings:





IP: the IP-address of the “admin” web-server can be chosen here. Different IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be selected. The default value is If you think, that is invalid setting, please let it stay there, because it is absolutely valid. If you change the address, you will be able to reach the web-server only through this address.

Port: You can specify the port of the “admin” web-server. If there are more web servers on the PC or device the port must be customized to avoid problems of a double port allocation.

Coding: enable this option if secure https protocol should be used.

Authentication: If you want the authentication with login/password you should enable this check-box. Default password for user “admin” is “iobroker”

Buffer: to speed up the load of the pages enable this option. Normally only the developer wants to have this option unchecked.


The main page of the admin consist of several tabs.
Adapter: Here the instances of a adapters can be installed or deleted. With the update button img_005 on the top left we can get if the new versions of adapters are available.



The available and installed versions of the adapter is shown. For overall view the state of the adapter is coloured (red=in planning; orange=alpha; yellow=beta).
The updates to a newer version of the adapter are made here also. If there is a newer version the lettering of the tab will be green. If the question mark icon in the last column is active you can get from there to web site with information of
the adapter. The available adapter are sorted in alphabetical order. Already installed instance are in the upper part of the list.

Instance: The already installed instance are listed here and can be accordingly configured.

If the title of the instance are underlined you can click on it and the corresponding web site will be opened.


Objects: the managed objects (for example setup / variables / programs of the connected hardware)


States: the current states (values of the objects)

————————————————– no more power to edit ————————————————–


If the adapter history is installed, you can log chosen data points. The logged data points are selected on the right and appear with a green logo.

Scripts: this tab is only active if the “javascript” adapter is installed @todo@

Node-red: this tab is only visible if the “node-red” adapter installed and enabled@todo@

Hosts: the computer which ioBroker is installed on. Here the latest version of js-controller can be installed on. If there is a new version the letters of the tab are green.

To search for a new version you have to click on the update icon on the bottom left corner.

Enumeration: here the favourites, trades and spaces from the CCU are listed.

Users: here the users can be added. To do this click on the (+). By default there is an admin.

Groups: if you click on the (+) on the bottom left you can create usergroups.

From the pull-down menu the users get assigned to the groups.
Event: A list of the running updates of the conditions.

Log: here the log is displayed

In the tab instance the the logged log level of the single instance can be set. In the selection Menu the the displayed minimum log level is selected. If an error occurs the lettering of the log appears in red.